Advanced Cleanser Milk

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Advanced Cleanser Milk - Cleanser

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100 ml
Brand Description

To ensure a youthful appearance, as guided by the principles of aesthetic medicine, it is essential to act on:
- COMPLEXION UNIFORMITY and skin spot improvement
-preservation of the FACE CONVEX SHAPE, acting mainly on the zygomatic arch structure
-defeat of gravity force which determines the SKIN LAXITY that occurs mainly in the mandible, sub-mental and neck area
- EXPRESSION WRINKLES, especially referring to the upper third of the face, as usually through the use of botulinum toxin. RECARE is supported by an advanced technologies process (combining chemistry, molecular models or functional genomics), guaranteeing not only the highly precise structure of active agents but also their high purity and safety. This is why, after a dozen days of RECARE application, you will have particularly noticeable results.

Care & Make-up Description
The skin exfoliation process is living and continuous. In young and healthy skin, this process takes place every day. Under normal conditions, skin cells come to the surface in approximately 14 days, it then takes another 14 days for skin cell turnover to complete. As the skin ages, this timeline is not so precise. Due to a significant reduction in cell reproduction the epidermis appears thin, less elastic, dull and dehydrated. Surface skin cells that have been sun damaged instead of renewing themselves they become thicker. This happens as a form of auto-defence against UV rays. The result is a skin which is dehydrated, less elastic and discoloured. It is clear how vital it is to keep the skin cell renewal process active. ADVANCED CLEANSER MILK is born specifically for this purpose, thanks to the combination of two processes. One mechanical and one chemical. The mechanical action is carried out by a very fine volcanic dust, which creates a slight friction and assists in removing superficial skin cells that have not detached on their own, impurities and excess sebum. The chemical action is linked to the presence of glycolic acid which penetrating into the deepest layers, is able to intensely stimulate cell turnover resulting in a significantly rejuvenated skin.