Uplevity Cream

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Uplevity Cream - Cream

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50 ml
Brand Description

To ensure a youthful appearance, as guided by the principles of aesthetic medicine, it is essential to act on:
- COMPLEXION UNIFORMITY and skin spot improvement
-preservation of the FACE CONVEX SHAPE, acting mainly on the zygomatic arch structure
-defeat of gravity force which determines the SKIN LAXITY that occurs mainly in the mandible, sub-mental and neck area
- EXPRESSION WRINKLES, especially referring to the upper third of the face, as usually through the use of botulinum toxin. RECARE is supported by an advanced technologies process (combining chemistry, molecular models or functional genomics), guaranteeing not only the highly precise structure of active agents but also their high purity and safety. This is why, after a dozen days of RECARE application, you will have particularly noticeable results.

Care & Make-up Description
A rich formula dedicated specifically to the lower third of the face. The innovative tetrapeptide PXF UPLEVITY contained in the cream counters the force of gravity. Not only does the cream redefine the oval shape of the face, it also increases skin firmness in to the neck and décolleté where skin sagging is common. What makes UPLEVITY CREAM unique, is its ability to act as a support under the skin, providing structure and at the same time stimulating the synthesis of new collagen.