Milk SPF 15 With Activator

Recare Soleamore

Milk SPF 15 With Activator - Linea Sun

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100 ml
Brand Description

RECARE SOLEAMORE filters, specially made to protect your skin from harmful effects of the sun, allow you to enjoy maximum sun exposure risk-free and enhance the quality of your tanning. The lightly textured creams, suitable for both body and face, are enhanced by the presence of a new generation peptide that simultaneously protects the skin and repairs any damage suffered to the cellular DNA.
As a final result, you will gain the benefits of sun exposure – a golden tan and improved skin - in addition to other well known advantages such as mood enhancement, antibacterial effects, stronger Vitamin D synthesis, etc.
For carefree sun tanning. Enjoy the sun carefree. 

Hair & Body Description
Ultralight texture sun milk, suitable for both face and body. Protects the skin with the combined action of solar filters and natural melanin activator. It preserves skin integrity and youthfulness with its DNA repai- ring action for all skin cells. MODE OF USE: Apply on skin before sun exposure. Reapply, on average, every two hours.