Jamil - Eau Fine

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100 ml
Brand Description

In soOud, the sensuality of oriental fragrances, profound, intriguing and passionate, typical of the Arab world, encounters a soul refined in its western manifacturing. Two precious raw materials conceal rare essences dedicated to the exploration of the senses, divided into two lines: Nektar, true high-concentration, rich, precious extracts, and Eau Fine, intense and delicate on the skin.

Fragrances Description
Jamil, which means “lovely” in Arabic, takes its name from the Arabic poet Ma’mar, born around 660 and leading exponent of Udhrita love poetry. Jamil’s overwhelming passion for Buthayna, an eternal and unhappy love, led him to transform his own life into a sort of sentimental romance: courtship, abandonment, desperate farewells and returns, suffering and nobility of spirit, against the background of warm, golden Arabian landscapes. “For Jamil, love is the whole of life, and sung with an infinite variety of tones”.