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The Finest Everyday - Eau De Parfum

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100 ml
Brand Description

Based in Kuwait, and founded by Sheik Majed Al-Sabah, this perfume house combines the tradition of Middle Eastern perfumery with the French expertise of Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, where scents are created under the guidance of the top noses and perfumers. Fragrance is very important in the Middle East, it can epitomise special moments and most of the times it’s still hand-made at home, being a tradition which have been passed down from generation to generation.
Fragrance can be a translation of memories and Sheikh Majed has skillfully blended some of his personal ones, using Oud, Taif Rose, and burning Agarwood which were used by his cherished grandmother. Sheikh Majed’s grandmother taught him how to create scents by mixing oils with precious and raw ingredients. He soon discovered he had a ‘nose’ for perfume,and was able to take it out of his grandmother’s kitchen and in to his own ‘Fragrance Kitchen’. The collection is divided in six lines, Exclusive, with opulent scents which are narrative-driven, Tribute, an ode to all the destinations of our dreams My, luxurious blends prepared in close collaboration with the finest noses in the world, Modern Heritage, an olfactive shock between the past and the present, Self Portrait, a tribute to inspirational artists, and Signature, unisex everyday and fresh scents. Sheikh Majed, a member of the international fashion community for over two decades now, is one of the most sought-after entrepreneur, dreamer and fragrance creator of the Middle East.

Fragrances Description
Every day I embrace humanity in all its totality. I find love in its complexity and respect each unique soul vying for understanding and care. I search for it in the gestures and notions of individual ways, and watch it shine though in the smallest of creatures. Every day I replenish my body, through movement and cleansing. I let the heat penetrate my skin and let the water wash way my troubles. I remain cleansed and reborn. Every day I take you with me in my thoughts and in my heart. I will not leave you behind and will hold out my hand when you fall. Every day I nurture myself. I take in the earth’s riches and respect her limits. I do not plunder or destroy and will only consume what is mine to take. I do not exploit her creatures nor do I find pleasure in her blood. She gives me energy though her soul and every day I am forever grateful. Every day I am in transit on foot or in my mind. I share my stories and exchange my tales with others. I relish the fleeting time and the passing friends.