Copybook 15x21cm 64pp


Copybook 15x21cm 64pp - Stationery

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Brand Description

THINKBACK celebrates the importance of writing by hand, a custom which is less prevalent in today’s age.
Each product shows the appreciation for tradition through the quality of Italian craftmanship while nurturing a deep respect for nature, using only recycled and ecologically sound materials.
The fine finishing touches, the attention to detail and the tactility of these timeless pieces connect you to Thinkback and the beauty of writing.

The concept and brand name have been developed by Ingrid Fadelli who emphasises the importance of simple things with dedication and enthusiasm «ThINK back to the days in which a note was a great gift, the strength of a poem born from a naked sheet of paper and a pen».

Accessoires Description

Writing to let your thoughts flow
Writing to give a voice to our own feelings
Writing to keep alive a journey
Writing because sometimes it’s easier than talking
Writing to keep in touch with ourselves

A writer is never alone...

Black fabric cover, pattern and brand embossed tone-on-tone.
Recycled paper inner sheets with copper lines.
Copper coloured seam.

First inner sheet in copper paper, with a black printed aphorism on writing:
If it doesnt' come bursting out of you in spite of everything, don't do it.
(So You Want To Be A Writer, CHARLES BUKOWSKI)