Scent Animals

Unicorn - Mat

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Brand Description

The AVERY Animals Collection is born. A series of ceramic animals and birds entirely Made in Italy with special gold-effect plating. Every “Animal” is exclusively created for the AVERY Perfume Gallery shops as a design object as well as going together with the perfumes and much more. Available in mat or patent versions, maxi or extra small, the collection gathers together all the most loved and admired animals of the world. From the most exotic ones like the tucano, to the cockatoo, the rhyno, the panda, the elphant, the monkey or the crocodile up until the rabbits, the toads, the owls, the wolves, the little donkeys and the domestic pets such as cats and dogs. Regarding dogs a selection of breeds that spaces from the Bobtail to the Pug, from the Jack Russel to the Fox Terrier. A small in-house zoo that furnishes with style.

Home Description
White Gold, 46x15x41 cm (The measurements mentioned depict the maximum of the three dimensions. The length, width and height may vary by a few centimetres).