Colour Protect Conditioner


Colour Protect Conditioner - Conditioner

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250 ml
Brand Description

Founded in Stockholm, Sweden by close friends and worldwide famous hairstylists Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind, SACHAJUAN Professional Haircare Products has been taking the world by storm since 1997. Esteemed international hairdressers, Sacha and Juan are true craftsmen with a love for their art and their clients—plus an exquisite styling portfolio filled with high-fashion work. With products based largely on the principles specific and unique to their incredibly nourishing Ocean Silk technology that uses valuable proteins and minerals from sea algae’s. SACHAJUAN is designed to create healthy, strong hair that's radiant and lustrous. Their simple and straightforward formulas blend serious technological innovation with luxury for results that are immediate. The collection is composed by a hair products collections, styling products for hair (perfume included) and the body collection.

Hair & Body Description
This conditioner with Ocean Silk technology and uv-protection protects the color, provides superior conditioning and detangling. The formula makes hair supple and strong. Leaves hair with bounce and a silky shine. HOW TO USE Massage into washed hair and comb thru gently. Allow 1–2 minutes to work in. Rinse well. EXTRA INFO AND SPECIAL USE Colour save conditioner has a long lasting water resistant uv filter that protects the hair from the sun. Low acidity for chemical and color protection.