Il Serpente del Giardino Segreto


Il Serpente del Giardino Segreto - Scented Candle

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Brand Description

Piero Fornasetti was a Milanese painter, sculptor, interior decorator and printer of books. His creative output, handed down and reinterpreted today by his son Barnaba, is composed of a visual vocabulary that is instantly recognisable. Fornasetti conveys a sense of the poetic and magical through its depiction of a dream world filled with whimsical humour. The ‘Fornasetti Profumi per la Casa’ collection brings this unique world to life through a selection of hand crafted and scented decorative objects.

Home Description
Fornasetti Profumi introduces the ‘Il Serpente del Giardino Segreto’ design theme to its olfactive story ‘Giardino Segreto di Fornasetti'. Inspired by the Vetiver-based 'Giardino Segreto' scent, Barnaba Fornasetti has created a new design ‘Il Serpente del Giardino Segreto’ by combining existing motifs from the Fornasetti archives. The design comprises various motifs: green leaves, ruined walls, Romanesque details and a most intriguing snake making its way across the decorative object. Stemming half from the Garden of Eden and half from a Rudyard Kipling novel, the crisp and colourful design lets your imagination wander down the intertwined paths of mythological creatures, biblical stories and childhood adventures. ‘Giardino Segreto di Fornasetti’, the fourth scent from Fornasetti Profumi is a scent inspired by a dreamlike representation of an idealised Italian secret garden, flourishing with a rich tapestry of herbs and foliage, hidden follies and ‘mystical’ creatures. ‘Giardino Segreto di Fornasetti’ embodies the green and fresh scent of cypresses, ivy and cedar wood blended together with the dusty dry aroma of overgrown stone walls and balustrades. It has a verdant herbal scent; supported by notes of maquis and thyme entwined with the dryness of vetiver and cistus labdanum.