La Femme aux Moustaches


La Femme aux Moustaches - Scented Candle

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Piero Fornasetti was a Milanese painter, sculptor, interior decorator and printer of books. His creative output, handed down and reinterpreted today by his son Barnaba, is composed of a visual vocabulary that is instantly recognisable. Fornasetti conveys a sense of the poetic and magical through its depiction of a dream world filled with whimsical humour. The ‘Fornasetti Profumi per la Casa’ collection brings this unique world to life through a selection of hand crafted and scented decorative objects.

Home Description
Fornasetti Profumi introduces the exclusive ‘La Femme aux Moustaches’ candles collection featuring its signature ‘Otto’ scent in association with Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris to celebrate the Fornasetti exhibition – Piero Fornasetti – La Folie Pratique (The Practical Madness). The design, a typical Fornasetti reference to the master of Surrealism - Salvador Dali, is taken from the classic “Tema e Variazioni” series that features the enigmatic face of Lina Cavalieri. The design has been chosen by Piero’s son Barnaba Fornasetti as the official image of the exhibition (and features on posters, catalogues and invitations). The ‘La Femme aux Moustaches’ scented candles feature ‘Otto’, the signature scent of the Fornasetti Profumi collection. The scent is sophisticated and unique; transcending time, season, gender and borders. Created by master perfumer Olivier Polge it makes use of ingredients that are of personal significance to Barnaba Fornasetti - Mediterranean herbs that were found in and around the family home, woods often utilised in interiors designs or pieces of furniture created by Fornasetti. Other more ethereal ingredients - such as incense - conjure a latent spirituality or sense of dreamscape that is often present in Fornasetti graphic poetry.