A MONTH OF LOVE - Drunkenrabbit


“A Month of Love” was born thanks to the incredible collaboration between Drunkenrabbit and AVERY PERFUME GALLERY boutiques. Drunkenrabbit’s artworks draw kaleidoscopic spaces devoted to baroque and fairy accents. After an incredible installation in Avery Perfume Galleries boutiques in Milan and Florence, the artist opens the gorges of her creative universe for the first time showcasing a work in a window at the heart of London’s city centre.


In the London debut, Drunkenrabbit will feature a live performance called BELONGINGS. e term “belongins” refers to a person’s personal possessions, in a way that does justice to the gesture of belonging to something or someone. Personal belongings make us aware of what it means to take care of ourselves: putting ourselves before other people in order to feel happy and transfer joy to those around us. Drunkenrabbit, the artist presenting at this new Avery event, typically chooses to depict girls with characteristics similar to her own. Youth is a recurring theme in all his artworks, just like in the painting of Dorian Gray.


We look forward to seeing you and taking you on a new multi-sensory journey: both olfactory and visual.






The embroidery is an emotional adventure through seams, that can be seen as blood vessels leading to the pulsing heart in all of us, the fulcrum of all matters: to respect time, memories and the wonderful fragility that makes us human beings. All the artworks of the installation concentrate on the “thread” theme; the thread that ties up time and space. The thread highlights the duration and the quantity of emotions. The invisible red thread joins the lives of two people who are fated to meet. With these compositions, the artist analyses different aspects of her daily life, a repetitive gesture that takes her mind away from daily thoughts, or an old activity that will get lost in time.

The Drunkenrabbit exhibition will be hosted by AVERY PERFUME GALLERY in London. A store that is far more than a simple shop or boutique; it is a special place characterised by a welcoming, intimate and enticing atmosphere, where visitors can be drawn into the emotions unleashed by fragrances and visual images that often accompany them. An ideal location, also due to the highly international vibe associated with London’s Mayfair neighbourhood, which makes Avery Perfume Gallery an ideal shopping destination and much more.


www.drunkenrabbit.it - info@drunkenrabbit.it

AVERY PERFUME GALLERY - 27 Avery Row - London (GB)

Mon - Sat: 10:30 AM - 7 PM

BELONGINS, live performance by Drunkenrabbit on Saturday October 5th at 5pm