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Avery Perfume Gallery in Andorra

Intertrade Group is proud to announce that a new AVERY PERFUME GALLERY boutique was inaugurated inside The Embassy in Andorra, on the 18th of February.

The Embassy building offers a completely new shopping experience, merging 100 exclusive brands with the Chef’s Table, a gastronomic space in which Michelin-star chefs take visitors on unforgettable multi-sensory journeys.The building, designed by architect Xavier Orteu, fascinates visitors both from the outside and inside. The new boutique's interiors were designed by the famous interior design group G4 Group, which carefully studied even the tiniest details, in order to create a perfect connection between Andorra’s architectural style and the Avery vision. Halfway between classic and contemporary, these designs reside outside of seasonal trends.

The new AVERY PERFUME GALLERY is a perfect balance between a rich atmosphere and minimal space. Products are displayed in a carefully selected order, helping consumers to make the right choice. Ultimately, fragrances are the key protagonists of the new store, which is designed to take customers on a unique olfactory journey into the heart of artistic perfumery, comprised of powerful olfactory experiences.