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Meeting Roberto De Rosa: blogger & web influencer

Passionate about fashion and beauty, he is an international well-known blogger and web influencer even abroad and especially in China, where he is now a digital celeb. On his blog “Decisions are Decisions” Roberto considers fashion as a form of research, cultural source, travel experience and costume studying. We sat with him during Men’s Fashion Week to talk about style and of course perfumes.

What does your own daily beauty routine look like? 
Everyday I use my facial toner and I scrub every week.

Do you have a favorite perfume of all times?
Yes, I have to confess it’s Dior Homme. And from now I’m love with Y from AVERY Perfume Collection.

Your favorite notes are…?
I really like amber and anything that has that embracing and warm sensation.

What do we find on your blog?
My blog is about lifestyle, it is not solely concentrating on fashion. I talk about my travels, gluten free foods, outfits to wear, beauty and sometimes about my personal life.

Fashion is…?
Fashion is whatever inspires us to be stylishly elegant.

How do you happen to be famous in China? 
It happened by chance, my photos in China were trending among all social networks there and all of the sudden my life changed. One day from another I turned myself in a sort of International style setter. 

Do you still feel there are differences between Eastern and Western worlds? Where do you draw the line between them?
Globalization has changed the world we all live in, we are different from them, we look for unique and special products, we are more interested in discovering new brands, whilst there in Asia they are still attracted by the big brands, they still worship them a lot. They find me interesting for the ability I have to mix and match the two concepts: wearing emerging and high-street brands together with top designer labels. 

What do you want to do in the future? 
I want to travel, forever and whenever. This is my dream.

What are your guilty pleasures related to the beauty world? 
I can’t live without taking care of my hair, without perfumes and facial toners. 

What is the best advice in terms of fashion and with regards to beauty that you could give us?

In regards to fashion, beauty and, indeed, fragrance, don’t obsess about trends but, more importantly, focus in on what suits you, represents you and flatters you most genuinely.