Bitter End


Bitter End - Parfum

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50 ml
Brand Description

An international lifestyle brand that includes not just a line of luxury fragrances, but also a publisher of books on art and design as well as a film and documentary entertainment company. All of this is Roads Luxury Group Ltd. Founded and directed by the businesswoman Danielle Ryan, the group has created Roads, artisan fragrances in collaboration with the finest master perfumers of the United Kingdom - each eau de parfum takes its inspiration from places, people, memories, emotions, artistic and visual sensations. Each perfume is made with finest ingredients and finest quality raw materials. The fragrances explore new paths of research, leaving the door open to new forms of olfactory poetry.

Fragrances Description
A fragrance inspired by the west of Ireland, a beautiful barren place of isolation. The sharp impact of its nonconforming beauty demands those who experience it to stop and consider. This is a natural, beautiful and herbaceous scent. A new approach to freshness with top notes of Bergamot, Galbanum and Peach. In the heart a modern blend Jasmin, Rose, Hyacinth, Neroli and Orris, grounded in Crystal Amber, Musk and Cedarwood.