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About us

AVERY is a curated experience

It is an immersive space on beauty. Distant from fashion trends and preconceived design codes, AVERY develops and proposes a unique and atypical experience in niche perfumery, objects and accessories that epitomise rarity.

“From the start, our vision has always been intentionally atypical, an antithesis to the mass-market. We do not follow trends, yet deeply understanding them, we combine art and perfume instead, in the constant search of contemporary forms of expression.”

Celso Fadelli, AVERY PERFUME GALLERY Fragrance Curator

Where to find us

AVERY PERFUME GALLERY boutiques are recognised for their visual setting halfway between classical and contemporary, totally and intentionally detached from seasonal trends. The space is a true gallery where you can encounter new experiences in an avant-garde perfumery that dialogues with the works of artists and designers, of new talents and true intellectuals.

They are symbols of a timeless and refined aesthetic sense. The welcoming atmosphere coexists with the perfect eloquence of minimal spaces, where the clear and ordered displays help to guide consumer choice in a warm and welcoming, interactive customer experience.

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