AVERY PERFUME GALLERY is a new dimension in niche perfumery and research created by Intertrade Group under the guidance of Celso Fadelli, President and Fragrance Curator of Intertrade Group. The first and only international retail chain dedicated to art perfumery. Now online with the e-shop.

AVERY PERFUME GALLERY boutiques, recognized for their visual setting halfway between classical and contemporary, totally and intentionally detached from seasonal trends, symbol of a timeless and refined aesthetic sense. The rich and welcoming atmosphere co-exists with the perfect eloquence of minimal spaces, where the clear and ordered displays help to guide consumer choice. Walls lined with fine fabrics and curtains resembling stage curtains, created by BONOTTOEDITIONS and made exclusively for the AVERY stores, are matched with modern sofas and armchairs, lamps, designer tables, statues of exotic animals and birds, small experiments in sculptural display. An abundance almost of bygone times, but moderated by contemporary instability, resulting from the installations of large irreverent works by artists who are hosted month by month in each location. The spaces are 

also enriched by exhibitions, events and talks. Not just concept stores, therefore, but spaces of cultural attraction. Visual experiment more than sale. The predominant materials in every space are the brass with which the exhibition tables in each store are created, the fine woods of consoles and drawers, Carrara marble for cladding and exhibition stands, the curtains designed by BONOTTOEDITIONS and made in special fabrics exclusively for the AVERY stores. Other strong points of the AVERY olfactory experience are the special olfactory boules in pyrex and glass hand-blown by Venetian master craftsmen. The boules make it possible to savour fragrances to the full: the nose is placed inside the circular opening and the essence pervades the senses. Key decorative elements are the AVERY Scent Animals, a series of ceramic animals and birds entirely Made in Italy with gold-effect plating. Every “Animal” is created as a design object that furnishes with style.

AVERY PERFUME GALLERY is the maximum expression of an out-of-the-ordinary shopping experience, in a game that fascinates new visitors to a space that is unusual and incredibly full of style, where perfume forms the centre of a sensory journey unique of its kind.