L1, L2, L3, L4 Collection Kit

Automobili Lamborghini

L1, L2, L3, L4 Collection Kit - Extrait de Perfume

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4x25 ml
Brand Description

The historic brand Automobili Lamborghini has produced its first prestige perfume called Simply: L,A perfume capable of evoking the same powerful emotions and feelings experienced at the wheel of a Lamborghini vehicle.The perfume is available in four fragrances in a limited edition of 999 pieces.The trousse that holds the fragrances is inspired by car toolkits and contains a fine hand-brushed aluminium cylinder covered in stitched black leather.Two 25 ml glass refills contain a precious extrait de parfum that fully evoke the world of Lamborghini, combining powerful ingredients such as the essences of leather, musk, pepper, tobacco and vetiver which define the identity of a man who loves challenges, always in search of a minimal luxury and high performance in his cars as well as in everyday life.

Fragrances Description
Each fragrance is immediately recognizable from the different colour that distinguishes its packaging: L1 is associated with black, the colour of understatement, L2 with yellow, the iconic colour of the Lamborghini brand and synonymous with avant-garde, L3 with red, the colour of strength, and L4 with the green of energy. L is a collection that can be matched to the personality of someone who chooses a mechanical and aesthetic jewel in order to be at the wheel of the most desirable super sports car.