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Store Concept

An immersive space on beauty, a rare dimension in niche and research perfumery



The first Avery Perfume Gallery boutique. Located in the heart of London, this exclusive space offers a unique olfactory experience.

Excelsior - Milan


Situated in the heart of Milan, it is a real olfactory and visual journey that touches all five senses.


March 2011

A timeless aesthetic, a sensorial marvel. The numerous collections of perfumes interact, side by side, with art objects of great refinement in a harmonious osmosis of the senses.

Corso Como - Milan

July 2014

A welcoming and intimate boutique with an enticing atmosphere, where we can be drawn into the emotions unleashed by the fragrances and the visual images that might accompany them. Its point of strenght is a city spa where you can book beauty and cosmetics treatments.


September 2014

An evocative Art Nouveau style boutique, inside an ancient hall of a historic building, with art, photography and fashion exhibitions on the lower floor.

New Orleans

October 2014

An olfactory sanctuary for fragrance aficionados. A gallery as an avant-garde boutique with an emphasis on an immersive beauty experience.



A place of global excellence, a mix of sensory arts listened to while tasting signature fragrances, wrapped in a magical musical atmosphere.

TsUM - Moscow


A charming Gothic-style boutique in the heart of Moscow, inside one of the most famous and trendy fashion stores.

Neiman Marcus - Beverly Hills


The encounter between cultures that are appreciated is expressed in a sophisticated retail concept focused on research and the avant-garde of perfumery.


February 2015

The wide variety of extraordinary fragrances combined with the innovative retail setting and impeccable customer service offered by Pari Gallery creates an extraordinary shopping experience in this boutique.


May 2015

A unique, exclusive space. A true icon of Africa in the world of artistic perfumery.

Fortnum & Mason - London

July 2015

This corner brings together some of the world's most niche fragrances, presenting artistic perfumery at its finest.

Selfridges - London

January 2016

A 50's style design. Visitors can savour the fragrances and fully experience each aroma utilising classic mouth-blown olfactory boules.

Harvey Nichols - London


AVERY Perfume Gallery space in Harvey Nichols brings together some of the world’s most niche fragrances, presenting artistic perfumery at its best.

Le Printemps - Paris

July 2016

Sophistication and elegance are the perfect adjectives to describe this boutique located in one of the main department stores in Paris.


December 2016

A touch of luxury and creativity give life to this prestigious boutique in southern Germany.

KaDeWe - Berlin

December 2016

Design inspired by puristic and suggestive art, but at the same time with a touch of glamor. Avery Perfume Gallery opens its doors in the heart of Berlin.


June 2017

The boutique perfectly captures the light, the shade and the ethereal feel of Mykonos's unique architectural design and glamorous style.

Saks Fifth Avenue - Mexico City

June 2017

An enchanting space where art and the beauty of artistic perfumery meet.


July 2017

The boutique is inspired by elegant and contemporary beauty salons. A truly unique and sophisticated space.

Covent Garden - London


A unique shopping destination into the heart of Covent Garden that offers an exclusive and engaging olfactory experience.

Le Printemps - Paris

July 2018

A real curiosity corner with a scenography of bottles, prints, carefully selected objects, including a collection of ceramic sculptures to diffuse perfumes, and rare brands.


March 2019

Halfway between classic and contemporary, these designs reside outside of seasonal trends. The boutique is a perfect balance between a rich atmosphere and minimal space.

Executive Private Jet Lounge - Marrakech


A charming location to simply getaway and relax. A wonderful landscape embody the epitome of luxury, the love of beauty and quality, creating a distinct shopping experience for all perfume enthusiasts.