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Lamborghini Urus
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By Lamborghini

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URUS is a dynamic and embracing fragrance, linked to strength, stability, and security; the distinctive characteristics of Automobili Lamborghini’s Super SUV. These qualities are infused both in the fragrance’s scent and packaging, which hold a persuasive visual power, perfectly aligned with the brand’s DNA.
The non-conventional design confers to the fragrance a unique, sporty, elegant, and dynamic look. The packaging comes with an aluminum tag in the same Giallo Auge color available for the livery of the Super SUV URUS.

URUS scent is lively, versatile, and captivating, marked by an initial freshness and an ultimately elegant finish. Iris and lavender intertwine at the very heart of the fragrance, accompanied by a soft and intriguing note of leather, which conveys character, intensity, and determination. URUS is a perfect fragrance for male and female users alike.