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Lamborghini Urus
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URUS is a dynamic and embracing fragrance, linked to strength, stability, and security; the distinctive characteristics of Automobili Lamborghini’s Super SUV. These qualities are infused both in the fragrance’s scent and packaging, which hold a persuasive visual power, perfectly aligned with the brand’s DNA. The non-conventional design confers to the fragrance a unique, sporty, elegant, and dynamic look. The packaging comes with an aluminum tag in the same Giallo Auge color available for the livery of the Super SUV URUS. URUS scent is lively, versatile, and captivating, marked by an initial freshness and an ultimately elegant finish. Iris and lavender intertwine at the very heart of the fragrance, accompanied by a soft and intriguing note of leather, which conveys character, intensity, and determination. URUS is a perfect fragrance for male and female users alike.
How it works
Our perfumes are characterized by selected raw materials of rare quality, which will make whoever is wearing them stand out. The more the raw materials inside a perfume are carefully selected and concentrated, the more our skin's pH can interfere with the final notes of the fragrance when it is worn. For this reason, we recommend trying a perfume directly on the skin to reliably validate its performance. Another important aspect of a fragrance is the concentration of the scented oil inside it. To give each perfume a unique and decisive character, we work hard to find the ideal concentration of a given scent, as our goal is to attain optimal olfactory results. The concentration of our perfumes ranges between 20% and 45%, always remaining within the legal limits.
How to use
Spray the perfume on desired body parts. Once applied, do not rub it in, as this can cause the molecules inside a fragrance to break down or increase the skin's temperature, which may alter the perfume's notes. If you wish, you can also apply the fragrances on your clothes or on other textiles, to enhance their effect.
Why we love it

The pleasure of driving in a perfume

The perfumes, made with the raw materials used in car production, are intended for a man with a cosmopolitan and international lifestyle, who looks for excellent performances both in professional and personal challenges, who loves to travel, and who seeks out essential and exclusive luxury.

Key scents

Top Notes

Grapefruit, Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Green Notes.

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HEAD NOTES - Head notes are the first notes perceived after a perfume is sprayed on the skin, and they are also the most volatile. As they are minuscule molecules that quickly evaporate, these notes contribute to our first impression of a fragrance. Their role is primarily commercial, as they are often only perceived for a brief period of time, typically no longer than 5-10 minutes. In most instances, head notes are perceived as fresh, thus they are often derived from citrus fruits, flowers or exotic fruits.

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Heart Notes

Iris, Osmanthus, Lavender, Jasmine.

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HEART NOTES - When top notes soften or subdue, heart notes emerge. As their name suggests, these are the notes at the 'heart' of a perfume; the central part of it. They accompany a perfume throughout its evolution, lasting from 15 minutes up to 1 hour. The most commonly used heart notes are soft and velvety, often characterized by flowers such as rose, jasmine or lavender, as well as hints of spice or vanilla. These notes are very important because, if a perfume's formula is well constructed, they should gently guide us towards base notes.

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Base Notes

Patchouli, Leather, Vanilla, Cedar.

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BASE NOTES - Base notes are generally persistent, strong and powerful. In some cases, they appear 1 hour after a perfume is sprayed on the skin and persist until the following day. Among the most renowned and functional base notes are Oud, Sandalwood, Patchouli and Cedarwood. These are highly crucial notes to a perfume's unfolding, as they sometimes also help to make other notes composing a perfume stand out for longer periods of time. A perfume's base notes may sometimes also include odours of animal origin, amber, and musk, which are now synthetically created, as they are forbidden in their natural state.

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The skin's pH can vary on a day-to-day basis and for a variety of reasons, thus so can the fragrances we wear.

These variations can be caused by:
- the intake of medicines for a certain amount of time;
- atmospheric and environmental changes that cause high sweating of the skin;
- changes in food consumption and diet.

Discover the brand

Olfactory emotions while driving.

A prestigious collection of fragrances designed to evoke the same emotions and sensations of power that one might experience while driving a Lamborghini car. The raw materials used to create the fragrances are the same used in automotive production processes. The fragrances are designed for individuals with dynamic, cosmopolitan, and international lifestyles, who work to achieve excellency while overcoming both professional and personal challenges.

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